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Stolen animation... AGAIN

2009-06-02 20:03:27 by Splurgle

Yeah, some dickface stole my ME5RE trailer and replaced some sprites.

I contacted Wade, but in the mean time, I just want people to know that it's stolen.

0 it if you can, and remember that that fucker did NOT make it.


EDIT: IT'S DOWN! HAhahahahahah! Thanks for all your help guise. What a fucker.

Hello everyone, new cartoon I'm making.

2009-04-25 10:37:34 by Splurgle

Yeah, ME5RE is currently shelved, but this toon that I'm making is tied in with my little series here. It's in between 4 and 5. Also, the current Madness Elimination 5 would be replaced by ME5RE, which would be a correct way to end it, so this toon that I'm making would most likely be called Madness Elimination 4.5. When I post ME5RE, I'm changing Madness Elimination 5's name to Madness Elimination 5Old or something. Anyway, this toon explains what happens right when ME4 ends. It'd actually take place right where I left off. When I'm through with this toon, it would leave off where ME5RE would start. Yeah, I know, "SPLURGELRL HOW CAN U KEEP LEEVIN M$5RE OFF YA BEEYATCH"

My answer to that is so vat. I want to sum it up nicely, and I'm already at 1500 frames in this nifty little toon I'm making. Here's a few screen grabs from it. If I must post a clip, I'll post a clip. But yeah, here's what I have so far. I think this is a better move because it'd definitely make my "series" make more sense. Eh?

Oh, and this one features Steve as an antagonist. Well, sorta. Everyone is bad. We have a new guy, Cronus, whose back story would currently remain classified. Here are some screens: dnesselimination45.jpg 023/madnesselimination453.jpg nesselimination452.jpg

I`m really working hard on this guys, and it'd pave the way for a better story in ME5RE.

Thoughts? What do you guys think?


2009-04-04 16:30:37 by Splurgle

It's totally out.

VOTE 5. Or, whatever.


2009-03-05 08:55:27 by Splurgle

Yes I'm still here, who the hell said I was gone! I was just inactive for an extremely long time. Still working on that ME5RE thing. 6100+ frames. It's a biggie.

On that TV it says: "Purple moon eats your dreams."


I may not be active on Newgrounds...

2008-09-20 11:10:51 by Splurgle

...but I am active with Flash. Screenshot for those who are interested.

Happy Madness Day and phr33 protection points!

I may not be active on Newgrounds...

Timeless goddamn work is going into this one guys... but I am continuing. It's been a really hard road but this one is MILES better than anything I've ever done. Believe me. Everything has a lot of detail and every little gadget has had it's own spit polish. See for yourself and I hope you agree that it's been a fucking long time since I've submitted anything, but this one is worth it.

Hope you like how it looks so far:

Gaaah.... it's... GOING STILL!!!#@!!@

Lol I know many have forgotten about me, and that's fine. I just wanted to let you guys know I'm still working on ME5RE.

I'm sorry it hasn't been sooner for those who've wanted it. (If there are any left anyways)

It has been a long road, but meh. It's coming together nicely.

No, I am not dead, nor have I left the interwebz.

Happy Madness Day.

2007-09-22 11:57:04 by Splurgle

From the laziest piece of shit on the internet.

That's something I composed earlier today. It's short garbage, but it's something. Please give me your thoughts on it.

I would just like to say...

2007-07-19 12:42:01 by Splurgle

I would just like to say that I love the new layout and I love you all.