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Hello everyone, new cartoon I'm making.

2009-04-25 10:37:34 by Splurgle

Yeah, ME5RE is currently shelved, but this toon that I'm making is tied in with my little series here. It's in between 4 and 5. Also, the current Madness Elimination 5 would be replaced by ME5RE, which would be a correct way to end it, so this toon that I'm making would most likely be called Madness Elimination 4.5. When I post ME5RE, I'm changing Madness Elimination 5's name to Madness Elimination 5Old or something. Anyway, this toon explains what happens right when ME4 ends. It'd actually take place right where I left off. When I'm through with this toon, it would leave off where ME5RE would start. Yeah, I know, "SPLURGELRL HOW CAN U KEEP LEEVIN M$5RE OFF YA BEEYATCH"

My answer to that is so vat. I want to sum it up nicely, and I'm already at 1500 frames in this nifty little toon I'm making. Here's a few screen grabs from it. If I must post a clip, I'll post a clip. But yeah, here's what I have so far. I think this is a better move because it'd definitely make my "series" make more sense. Eh?

Oh, and this one features Steve as an antagonist. Well, sorta. Everyone is bad. We have a new guy, Cronus, whose back story would currently remain classified. Here are some screens: dnesselimination45.jpg 023/madnesselimination453.jpg nesselimination452.jpg

I`m really working hard on this guys, and it'd pave the way for a better story in ME5RE.

Thoughts? What do you guys think?


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2009-04-25 10:42:23

1st and 3rd screen are the same.

(Updated ) Splurgle responds:

Ha, fail. Thanks for pointing that out.

Edit: fix'd


2009-04-25 13:02:29

nice man, looks sweet, enjoy your work, hope to see you stay active on NG


2009-04-26 00:49:51

I think the guy in the second screenshot needs to stop being a pussy and fight back. [:<
But seriously, looks nice.
Maybe you should call ME5 ME5old, This animation ME5, and ME5RE ME6.
If that didn't make since just tell me...


2009-04-26 00:50:31

Also the guy in the last picture forgot to aply makeup to his left eye.


2009-04-27 16:24:15

Cool screenies, man! But what exactly is "Maxson Delirium" supposed to be?


2009-04-29 10:54:17

that´s cool, when will be out ?

Splurgle responds:

As soon as it's finished, hah.


2009-05-02 14:42:24

Kewl. Not a bad idea. I've been waiting years for ME5RE but I guess I could wait a few more.... or not

Splurgle responds:

Yeah I'm a real dickhead lol

Can't concentrate on a project


2009-05-09 09:41:33

i think it looks fucking epic with amazing backgrounds. i totally support this movie.


2009-05-10 14:20:23

It looks really good. BUT, I think that the screen shots from ME5RE have a lot more detail. This is really good, but it doesn't seem as good as ME5RE is. But I guess you're just trying to make this a normal cartoon and let ME5RE be the best, most perfect Madness movie ever.

Splurgle responds:

Ah dude, lol, time is becoming scarce to work on ME5RE and this, so I really don't know what the future holds for my animating "career"



2009-05-15 13:21:19



2009-05-18 18:53:28



2009-05-24 15:48:13

fucking EPIC!


2009-05-24 22:50:55



2009-05-25 10:25:06

Looks good! And someone stole your trailer for ME5re.


2009-05-25 10:48:00

Ignore the above comment, a PM was already sent to Wade about the stolen ME5RE trailer. If you wanna bash in the submitter, be my guest. /496823

Splurgle responds:

Thanks for showing me, bro

What's funny is that it passed judgement....

Oh how ignorant some people are.



2009-05-31 08:13:20

nice screens


2009-08-05 14:46:04

I also hope all the character will have feets and hands.


2009-09-09 18:28:20

u kno because last time u didnt finish all teh layers


2009-09-30 15:18:31

phwoar, it looks gorgeous. really can't wait!