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2009-03-05 08:55:27 by Splurgle

Yes I'm still here, who the hell said I was gone! I was just inactive for an extremely long time. Still working on that ME5RE thing. 6100+ frames. It's a biggie.

On that TV it says: "Purple moon eats your dreams."



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2009-03-05 19:08:10

about time you made a new post, lol. and nice new screenie. But what gun is that guy using? Also, 1st comment, awesome! Good Luck with this, however long it may take..... even though you've already spent 2 years on it.....

Splurgle responds:

2 years, on and off my friend. The actual time would be like a few months tops. And the gun is a FAMAS.


2009-03-06 11:13:23

Nice,cannot wait,but I won't rush you about it


2009-03-07 00:10:15

I thougt you were gone well atleast you made a new post.


2009-03-07 07:50:10

by the way, when the hell are going to fucking update this website of yours, ""? God damn- you haven't updated that place in 2 years! DO keep up the good work on ME5RE, but that website needs an update big ass time.


2009-03-07 08:39:51

oh by the way, even tho it was hosted by Gabriel Barsch, I just wanted to say thanks for the great review you gave for Madness Ultimate Collab 3, lol. Thanks, Splurgle. and yes, I was in it.


2009-03-07 14:04:32

I think there are too much things there. But I'll wait for the release to say something more.

Splurgle responds:

Nah that's the way I like it, nice and crowded. The entire building is trashed and overfilled.

I'm sure there'd be a fair share of empty-ass rooms though :3


2009-03-08 00:44:11

OK, sounds good. And second thing - I think, the lines are not thick enough. I think it will look better with thicker lines. I did that too. I had 0.75 and increased them to 1.

Splurgle responds:

The lines are plenty thick. They're at one and they're staying

run along now.


2009-03-08 13:15:35

yes, I think czmadness is right, thats true...
of course I like interesting backgrounds


2009-03-09 07:01:43

oh fuck yes, and we finaly get an update from you. once again A fucking + on the artwork. way improved from the original madness elimination 5. The madness characters are lookin nice to. ahh good, 6100, your finally more than halfway through. im fuckin fivin that shit when its released.

Splurgle responds:

Thanks matey! There's been some rocky road, but now it's just consistency. Thanks for the support!


2009-03-09 13:41:33

Super epic. However, how are you going to overcome the obstacle that is:

Someone's submitted "Madness Elimination 5RE".

Splurgle responds:

Oh that's no big deal

It was a joke by a friend, and he used a different title


2009-03-09 16:22:32

say, I forget- what exactly does "RE" stand for, again?

Splurgle responds:

..... :|

I have no idea.

Remade Edition? Remix Edition??


2009-03-10 22:44:10

fuckity fuckity yay!

=D finally we get an update! i thought u died lol. so like how many frames u think ur gonne go to?


2009-03-11 11:43:49

what ??? just 6100 frames ??? Man, be serious, you´re remaking the elimination series and now you finish episodes 1,2,3 and 4, and now you´re making the episode 5 ? oh no ?

Splurgle responds:

What the fuck?


2009-03-11 16:39:53

what ? It´s my bad grammar again ? I just want to say if you think to remake all the elimination episodes, oh one more thing, these head shadows are wrong, you should set the shadows always to the right site, I hope you could understand me now

Splurgle responds:

I'm just remaking the 5th one

and I don't pay attention to shadows

thanks anyway


2009-03-11 16:43:47

Good to know you weren't pwnd by that red squirrel living under my toenail. He plays country music on a depressed toothbrush ya know, the tones get into your mind and blows up your brain.


2009-03-11 17:35:22

Now I see why it's taking so much time. PERFECTION!!! Everything is in place. So much detail, so much gore, so much BEAUTY.

Splurgle responds:


Yes I'm trying to make this as NICE AS PAWSIBLE


2009-03-13 01:00:53

LOL carcass disposal... Genious.
So let's see... at this rate you should be done by July 2010. I will be waiting. >.>
Also what does that sign over the biohazard tank or what ever the hell that is say?

Splurgle responds:

Lolz, I'd say I'd be done possibly April or May. I'm telling ya, I wanna take my time on this shit guys. Thanks for the comment :3


2009-03-13 09:18:15

we have to kill purple moon.


2009-03-13 21:57:46

GabrielBarsch says:

what ? It´s my bad grammar again ? I just want to say if you think to remake all the elimination episodes, oh one more thing, these head shadows are wrong, you should set the shadows always to the right site, I hope you could understand me now

hmm..... looks like somebody here has an OCD for "madness shadow effects" (or whatever they're called)..... huh, people? I don't need to say who for you all to know who I'm talking about, lol.

Not that I have anything against this "need for certain shadow effects", though. I just had to say that it sure looks like it comes from an OCD for certain shadow effects. Know what I'm saying?

Anyway, good luck once again with ME5RE. wut iz teh FPS?

Splurgle responds:

32 fps, although that's subject to change.

And thanks.


2009-03-14 01:41:00

Looking good!


2009-03-14 10:48:51



2009-03-14 10:56:29

hey your back!! you have to make updates more often, i wANT TO MAKE SURE YOUR STILL ALIVE


2009-03-14 10:58:01

dude... dont want to be rude... but the guy in the back looks like he's grabing his dick...

(Updated ) Splurgle responds:

Oh, that's a sword handle. Also lol.


2009-03-15 17:54:54

oh man that´s true, he looks grabing oh his penis LOL


2009-03-16 00:53:15

Oh jeeze you're right... AND HERE'S HOW IT WENT DOWN!

"So we're about to die... And... well I haven't gotten much action recently... So do you mind if I just jack off over here for a minute?

"Whatever; But I'm looking the other way."

";o Oh yeah!" *shot*


2009-03-16 01:02:26

Also, because apparently you actually read comments, WRITE MALCOLM THOMAS ON A WALL PLEAZEZ?

Splurgle responds:

I'll slap on whatever I can wherever I can. Done!


2009-03-16 12:36:03

When you will submit it?

Splurgle responds:

A few months =(

I HAVE to get it perfect otherwise I'd regret submitting it. You guys have all seen the mistakes I've made in the past 5. I need to get it exactly right, plus there's quite a bit of core animation left.

Also, nice name mate. =)


2009-03-19 16:14:14

rightman: hmmm theres a wall. but theres something strange about this room, theres something here and it smeels like trouble

LEFTMAN; trouble you mean it smells like sht in here. i dont know what im looking at on the floor but i dont like it

RIGHTMAN; Wait did you hear that, hello you hear it. did ya. did ya did ya did ya

LEFTMAN: SHUT UP AND LISTEN. ill just use this slightly wrong looking object in my hand todo something


2009-03-20 16:34:31

So you're not going to make the lines more thick?

Splurgle responds:

I might just fo' effect


2009-03-21 10:23:21

hey what do u use cuz they look a little different


2009-03-22 17:06:42

ahem r u blind cant u read im taking 2 u look up -_-


2009-03-22 17:15:25

What frame rate do you use?

Splurgle responds:

I use 32.


2009-03-22 18:03:06

Oh god.


2009-03-22 22:02:38

hey hey u corny def guy anwser me u stick figure im telling u loko what do u use macromedia 2 5 9 7 or wut

Splurgle responds:

I use MS Paint. I make like 8000 pictures in MS Paint then I slap them into Windows Movie Maker then submit it to newgrounds.

What the fuck do you think


2009-03-23 19:21:54

^If you actually did that, this animation would take 5 years instead of 2.
I wonder is anyone's actually tried it...


2009-03-30 10:22:17

hahaha! ''grabbing his dick.'' ^^


2009-04-02 20:52:57

bodvik says:

hahaha! ''grabbing his dick.'' ^^

lol ya, one guy DOES (as we all know) look like he's wanking.....


2009-04-04 16:25:37

I LOVE madness eilmteion it was awsome i wish i could make good flashs like you

Splurgle responds:

Hey thanks pal