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I may not be active on Newgrounds...

2008-09-20 11:10:51 by Splurgle

...but I am active with Flash. Screenshot for those who are interested.

Happy Madness Day and phr33 protection points!

I may not be active on Newgrounds...


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2008-09-21 12:37:23

I agree with sontuk, this DOES look cool. Once again, good luck, Splurgle!


2008-09-21 17:47:27

i agree with them^^^

hope it's madness day submission

Splurgle responds:

Unfortunately it won't be out for Madness day, but I appreciate any enthusiasm directed towards this extremely delayed project.


2008-09-22 10:04:04

i like your madness-style.
also, happy madness day!


2008-09-22 15:30:17

A whole year + a week late now. *Rushes Splurgle*

Jk, take your time. I can wait, I am very impatient but this is worth the wait. Happy madness day btw!!! You are my no. 3 favorite madness animator.

1. Krinkels
2. Stooge
3. YOU

Be happy you're up there, it's an honor for you to be.


2008-09-22 18:20:35

Happy Madness Day 2008, Splurgle!!! Btw, you are my 4th favorite madness animator.

1. Krinkels (duh)
2. Sto0g3
3. Shrinkz
4. YOU

Again, best of luck with ME5RE, however long it may take!!!

Splurgle responds:

Haah xD thanks, I've realized it's been over a year since I promised a release! It's at 4000 frames right now, so, we'll see how long it takes!


2008-09-22 20:57:52

is it any closer to being finished yet?

Splurgle responds:

It stands at 4000 frames, I hope to reach over 9000 frames (see what I did) before I can call it finished.


2008-09-23 03:59:51

I C wat u did thar. ME5RE will have OVER 9000 frames... clever, so do u liek mudkipz (C wat I did thar)


2008-09-25 20:59:19

OMFG those graphics are fucking win. You have made some epic lineart, man. Keep it up!


2008-09-25 21:00:12

OMFG those graphics are fucking win. You have made some epic lineart, man. Keep it up!


2008-09-25 21:42:14

MADNESS ELIMINATION 5 JUST LOOKS SO EPIC RIGHT ABOUT NOW. i cannot wait till u finish it dude. you are reeely spending this long on it? i could never focus on 1 flash this damn long. you have improved on the graphics big ass tiem. fucking epic.

Splurgle responds:

Hah, yes. I am really focusing on every possible aspect I can right on this. Sorry for the delay, but I'd rather delay than submit some crap fest that is lacking in almost everything (ME5). Thanks!


2008-09-26 01:42:43

Ph33r teh Eliminator!


2008-09-27 19:57:26

Still alive?


2008-09-29 19:23:21

you have take so much time making this, how many frames you have maked ?

Splurgle responds:



2008-09-30 17:51:19

You Really Gotta Be Fucking Kidding Me, Aren't Ya, Splurgle!


2008-10-02 06:05:30

Hey splurgle! Its Antoine the guy who said "How goes fluffy" 54 times (i saw the history of our convo), i want to see you on msn please! Oh and i finally got a dog 3 weeks ago, hes a shi-tzu and his name is SNOOPY!


2008-10-22 11:10:16

when will ya finish this?



2008-11-01 02:30:42

You better make that fucking movie, otherwise I'll pull the flaming shit bag prank on you.


2008-11-02 15:30:09

Hurry up with this, it's been like 4 years.


2008-11-03 16:42:25

Good Luck, once again, Splurgle! Oh, and 20th comment, WOOT!!


2008-11-20 17:19:48

yes that looks very good


2008-12-10 14:36:57

Looking good. can't wait till your nxt MC flash!



2008-12-23 20:52:29

cool, cant wait


2009-01-31 15:02:52

A screen shot of what? Madness elimination 6?


2009-02-02 19:50:31

any release date?


2009-02-23 09:50:26

z0mg yay


2009-02-23 21:07:49

it's been five months, maybe a new update?